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About CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is an American online auction-based peer-to-peer shipping marketplace, which aims to connect shipping customers with couriers and transport providers, especially citizens already driving the customers' routes anyway. The company matches citizen shippers to couriers and drivers who bid on the right to fulfill contracts.

About the oppurtunity

CitizenShipper is a peer-to-peer shipping company. CitizenShipper matches people that need an item shipped with people who already plan to drive in that direction. CitizenShipper allows you to bid on the deliveries you’re interested in. You also get to set what hours you will be available to complete the delivery. While the majority of transport listings involve shipping pets (especially appealing for animal lovers), other items such as boats, cars and motorcycles are often requested. The nature of most transports available on CitizenShipper requires long distance travel which benefits transporters in several ways. Longer trips mean bigger paydays and less wear and tear on vehicles. Plus, there’s the added advantage of seeing new places and bookending transports before and after vacations and seeing friends and family across the country.

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Car Needed? Yes
Bike Needed? No
Phone Needed? Yes
Computer Needed? No
Entry Level: Easy
First Month Earnings: $200

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