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About Grailed

Grailed is the one-stop destination for buying, selling and exploring menswear. Your closet is valuable. Flip your wardrobe on Grailed and find like-minded buyers from within our community for your clothing. Listing an item is always free and our commission rates are the lowest in the game. As with buying, sellers who transact through Grailed with PayPal are protected!

About the oppurtunity

Resell luxury clothing and sneakers on Grailed. Last year, the clothing resale industry clocked in at just under $18 billion. By 2023, it’s estimated to be nearly triple that, with menswear the fastest growing sector—sneakers and streetwear specifically. Where flipping sneakers and rare streetwear drops were once side hustles, today for many they are legitimate careers, and getting involved is easier than ever. The largest men’s clothing marketplace in the world, Grailed allows anyone to turn their closet into cash, and streetwear is our hottest commodity.

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Car Needed? No
Bike Needed? No
Phone Needed? Yes
Computer Needed? No
Entry Level: Easy
First Month Earnings: $300

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