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About iCarpool

Carpool is a mobile app that helps you carpool with coworkers and neighbors going your way. Share the ride for a better commute and save money and the enviroment.

About the oppurtunity

iCarpool like the name suggests is a carpooling app. It connects customers who need a ride with drivers who are traveling the customer’s way at the same time. What makes iCarpool unique is that riders join along your route, no need to go out of your way to pick up any riders. Using the app, you can add the trips that you commonly take, such as your morning commute and your evening commute. No fixed commitments. Choose whether to drive or not for each trip. You're always in control. No fixed schedules. Leave when you want. Check out their website for more details.

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More About This Oppurtunity

Car Needed? Yes
Bike Needed? No
Phone Needed? Yes
Computer Needed? No
Entry Level: Medium
First Month Earnings: $100

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