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About Veho

Veho is a technology-driven logistics company that enables personalized next-day package delivery. Our mission is to help brands increase customer loyalty by facilitating an incredible delivery experience. Powered by proprietary technology, Veho empowers/enables any brand to delight customers like never before, gain full visibility into shipments, and build brand loyalty with an incredible shipping experience.

About the oppurtunity

Earnings predictability. Know before you go: Veho gives you transparency into your earnings before you book your route. Route location transparency. Book routes that geographically fit your preferred driving areas. Schedule flexibility. Book routes that start and end at times that fit your schedule. Low stress. No passengers in the back seat, no waiting at multiple restaurants for food – simply pick up a route of packages from our warehouse and deliver them to consumer doors.

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More About This Oppurtunity

Car Needed? No
Bike Needed? No
Phone Needed? Yes
Computer Needed? No
Entry Level: Medium
First Month Earnings: $400

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