What Do You Know About Money?

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It is often funny, how family members and close friends often have very different attitudes to money. While they may work in the same field of finance, they can have completely different outlooks on how to manage, control, and invest their money. This is quite fantastic, and the more understanding we have of each other's nature - the more we can help each other and grow closer as a team.

The following are some of the attitudes that I believe are essential, and that each of us has.

1) Money says a lot about a person and their attitude to life, which is how we view money and what we believe about money.

a) If I have money, I will show you how to manage it, how to invest it, and make money from it.

b) If I don't have money, we won't discuss money, we won't talk about family functions and social affairs.

c) You "look at those who have the most" and that's what you want.

d) Since so many people look at money, it becomes a competitive issue. Those who can show the most are perceived as those who receive the most in benefits, and so is competition for wealth can always rise.

e) I have good money, so I am good and so is everybody else.

2) All of us have been taught from a young age to work hard and save money. There is an underlying belief that we credit money to live a good and bright life. We all want what we have and going after money is never wholly about receiving it, it is all about having it.

3) We all have a responsibility to provide for our families and if we don't, they will not be able to live.

4) Notice how each of the above statements is going against each other. You have to spend money to provide for your family and yet all the experts say if you are not able to work, you can’t be able to provide for your family. Occupy Echofat the Gap between the rich and the poor dramatically, not merely to work hard, but in terms of financial self-sufficiency.

5) It is all about the cumulative effect of all of the above, how we interact with, interact with and think about money.

If we add these statements onto one another that was added today as it relates to one country we will see a completely different approach to how money is viewed and how to use it. The funny thing is when you go to another country and come face to face with these statements you will think that they don’t even remotely match what you would have in your home country. But let’s try one more time.

Now let’s first take a look at the importance of money from our various culture’s perspectives, briefly.

1) Notice how in our culture there is a deep responsibility to work and to hold onto the job, to pay the bills.

2) Notice how in our culture people laugh at those who don’t work long hours, and work their buts for the weekends.

3) Notice how in our culture it is looked upon negatively to receive a gift or to save money and yet people often want and even need money.

4) The next thing on the list that takes note of is the emotional charge that money has on us emotionally.

a) What is interesting is how we hold emotional regard to our finances.

b) What is interesting and remember however that this whole idea of money and self-acquisition is simply a construct, a Babylonian construct really, that was perpetrated on us by the one who creates and polished the construct, the person who is considered the Corporateessed one.

5) What is very interesting is how we view others who have money, how to perceive them.

a) How can you tact them, negotiate with them confidently and with the approach of negotiation to realize your goals.

b) Many look down on money, and yet all of the characteristics that are coming your way are the characteristics of successful money acquired, techniques, software, ideas, skills, and tactics, these are the very same characteristics that you are looking for to improve on.

6) Another very funny thing is how we place on ourselves the deserving acceptance of those who have possession of money.

a) But when you consider the power of money it does take on a different look.

b) One of the saddening things is that many who are supposed to have the power in life are the ones that prey on money.

c) I will admit that on some level I have wanted to help some of these people in life to make some money, but the funny thing is they think of me that way.

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